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This attractive butterfly on Lundavra Road is sponsored by Gardenstop and planted and maintained by the pupils of Lundavra Primary School




A few years ago the Town Team started to notice that what was once, lovely floral beds and pocket parks throughout the town, had slowly become, disused, unwanted and un-planted eyesores. Accepting the fact that current council budgets have resulted in cuts to many services, some critical community services we were faced with there being no room for little flower beds to be cared for by council funds, we introduced the "Adopt a Plot Scheme". Simply various groups, organisations or individuals could "Adopt" some of these little unloved bits and care for them and plant them up again.

We are delighted to say that all our identified "plots" are currently adopted and once again our town looks loved and cared for. If you are interested in helping with the adopt a plot scheme e-mail us at

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